Here Are the Bands and Artists You Need to Be Aware Of (But Only If You Like Music)


Eldridge Gravy is playing Seamonster this Saturday, January 30. Will they fit on stage? Come find out!
Anyone who reads The Stranger with any regularity will realize that they write about the same handful of bands pretty consistently (MMoB, Chastity Belt, super groups of members from those bands, side projects of members from those bands, their own band, their friend's bands). For those of you who want to know of other rad, local bands that rarely or never get a mention, check out: Snuff Redux, Gang Cult, Great Spiders, Tangerine, Sun Thieves, Sir Coyler and His Asthmatic Band, Bod, Bread and Butter, Killer Ghost, Charms, Red Ribbon, XURS, Topless, On the Make, The Crush, The Knast, Gold Fronts, The Dumps, Acapulco Lips, Kingdom of the Holy Sun, Bad Tats, Bottlenose Koffins, Dead Bars, Sharkie, Lindseys, Sup All Night, Wolfgang Fuck, Ubu Roi, Detective Agency, Sick Sad World, Mommy Long Legs, Versing, Sashay and so many more!
@2 We've written about most of those bands on more than one occasion, too.
You missed metal, that's a hugely vibrant local scene!!
What about all the great bands like Disciples of Dissent, who have opened for some major headliners at S 7 in recent years, and been featured on BJ Shea, and others like American Wrecking Company, Fallen Angels, etc?
They work pretty damn hard to get out there and have fun, and nobody at the Stranger ever covers metal! You guys have a blind spot. It's huge here.
Hats off to Chastity Belt's management.
@2 yeahh! Thanks for mentioning all of these!
....aaaaand now for the metal genre???
Ten Miles Wide, formerly The Mothership, is glaringly absent from this list. I know it sounds unlikely but they are easily as talented as Nirvana. Srsly. And super nice, humble guys -- too humble, which may be why they're not listed. They don't heavily promote.
How could you leave out Bread and Butter you nutter!
Ear worms never tasted so good, cmon!
i suppose every comment on here will be about a band/genre you missed, so here's one you maybe just haven't seen live: Service Animal. pretty f'n boss.
Is "techno" the most appropriate phrase now for electronic music? Unless that is the specific subgenre you're referencing, wouldn't "electronic" be more inclusive?