Pierced Arrows are playing Saturday, February 14, at the Highline.

'Visual Vertigo'

While the holidays look very different this year (thanks Covid), we still have shopping to do.
Mask up & swing by Ruckus for gift inspo for friends & family! We have your cannabis needs covered.

(ART) Seattle Art Museum (1300 First Ave), Wed–Sun through March 1

Visual Vertigo has been on display since 2013, but you only have a few more weeks to catch these works by Australian aboriginal artists who use "colors and visual conventions that may induce vertigo or a sense of displacement from usual perspectives."

Nearby Snack: Stop in to Beecher's Handmade Cheese (1600 Pike Pl) and order the "World's Best" Mac & Cheese (their quotes, not mine—it is literally the best).

Northwest Flower & Garden Show

(FESTIVAL) Washington State Convention Center (800 Convention Pl), Wed–Sun Feb 11–15

An indoor nature competition, man! You're going to want to commune with a little greenery beforehand, because there's an entire acre of big crazy show gardens full of flowers, rocks, shrubs, trees, fountains, and zany decorations—inside of the convention center. This year's theme is "romance blossoms," in honor of the upcoming love holiday.

Nearby Snack: La Creperie Voila (707 Pike St) is an adorable little walk-up crepe shop that makes adorable little crepe masterpieces in sweet (like Nutella and banana) and savory (like goat cheese and spinach) varieties. They also managed to score the phone number 447-CREP.


(ART) Pony (1221 E Madison St), Thu Feb 10

Junk! Yeah, that kind of junk! If you're not a terrible person (Pony does not accept terrible people), I recommend eating a pot cookie and checking out this art show dedicated to male anatomy, featuring local artists John Criscitello, Anouk Rawkson, Jordan Christianson, Andrew Lamb, Jesse Wamre, Benjamin Gazy, Marcus Wilson, and our own Kelly O. I don't want to spoil anything, but one piece is a penis-shaped Donald Duck (Donald Dick, natch).

Nearby snack: Piecora's! Oh, wait. Um. Practice your French down at Cafe Presse (1117 12th Ave) with a croque monsieur or pain au chocolat (the socially acceptable way to eat melted chocolate on bread outside of your own kitchen). Très cool.

Ancient Warlocks

(MUSIC) Columbia City Theater (4916 Rainier Ave S), Fri Feb 13

Celebrate the first Friday the 13th of 2015 with music to get skull-crushingly high and slow-motion headbang to while imagining you're a wizard. Ancient Warlocks make serious wizard music, and everyone knows wizards are awesome. Warlocks are awesome, too, for that matter. But wait, what's the difference between a wizard and a warlock? Do warlocks have beards? Do wizards have to have beards? What were we talking about again?

Nearby snack: A bakery is a wonderful thing to step into when stoned and starving, and Columbia City Bakery (4865 Rainier Ave S) does not disappoint. Get the tomato jam sandwich and a pistachio snail!

Pierced Arrows

(MUSIC) Highline (210 Broadway E), Sat Feb 14

Support The Stranger

No relationship depicts true love quite like the grizzled bond of Fred and Toody Cole—the grandparents of punk who first brought us Dead Moon and now play in Pierced Arrows. Arrows are more mellow, bluesy, and melodic than the raw licks of Moon, but that just means it's the perfect show date to take your sweetie on after you shotgun a few hits off one of those flavored joints with little strawberries on the paper.

Nearby snack: It just so happens the Highline serves some of the best vegan junk food around—order tacos or a sandwich, but don't forget the Satan fingers (breaded and fried seitan served like buffalo wings). recommended

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