My Philosophy

The Flap About Fatal Lucciauno


Restrained, yet candid. Kind of like a Neo-classical painting.

no fishsticks.
"the artist was thrown under one of those slow, rickety, poles-always-falling-off-the-damn-wires, accordion-waisted Metro joints"


Clap, clap.

Clap... clap, clap... clappity clap, CLAPCLAPCLAP (thunderous clapping ovation)!!!!
Nphared...I find your post interesting.
Well put Mr. Mizell. Your frustration is something that is felt within The 'Life more often than not so thanks for being candid.
SO glad you said it L
Wait, we are cool still, right?
i couldn't have said it any better...great write up!
Mr. Mizell though your opening paragraphs are intended humor w/message, you must admit your "NW Rap Beef"/problems, evaluation is ironically & unsettlingly true. You recall 6mos or so ago in Colorado guy was shot, after Bay Area Rapper "E-40's" show? ...6 mos. later (earlier this yr i think) E-40 Again performs in Colorado & someone Else gets shot after show, this guy dead-on-scene! Coincidence you'd say? Not. Then Recently Seattle's "Chop Suey", "erupts in orgy of violence" after Seattle Rapper "F-a-t-a-l Lucciauno" performs, leaving Family forever mourning; & I bet "High Dive" is shaken up over tomorrow's May 2nd, Rap Label "Showdown"(?) Why must Everything be "Battle"/War with these guys?! That said, if I(which I won't) go "Support", High Dive's Record Label Battle, should I get tailored for Bulletproof Vest to 'Support' Myself? No, seriously I'm asking?

But, how dare Venue Owners, etc. unfairly shove "Driveby-ers" (ie. "Fatal") under "microscope"?!, it's not like Public has right to know of shooting(s?), etc. & it's not like it was maybe on 11 o'clock news, or on Public Legal Record or anything (more "humor w/message"). I'd make "Blacklists" (w/updates) Too, to protect lives, & keep my food-on-the-table business open! Many people (& their co-signers) Never wanna take responsibility/accountability for their public-endangering actions; & everytime someone does (Crocodile Cafe; "cheers" to you), "The Unaccountable" childishly & hypocritically points fingers at them, forming witch hunts(?). Who's side are you on anyway? Just ask yourself, would you let multiple "G-a-n-g-s-t-e-r Rappers" (maybe including guy who passed @ chop suey, & dyme def, etc.) perform at YOUR Peaceful, only-source-of-income venue? Thats what i thought.