Jesus feels vaguely dissed by Raz.

This week, I mean last week, I mean the time since last we spoke, has been the weirdest ever and it's only Wednesday. GOP senators go around the president to talk shit to Iran. A horrifying racist frat chant goes viral, causing heads to roll and asses to be handed—and somebody manages to blame it all on rap. Chicago homie Nigel "Hollywood" Holt signs to GOOD Music. Suge Knight, in court for hitting two people with his truck, actually tells the court that he is legally blind (aka the "meme defense") in one eye. In four days, police kill unarmed black men in three cities: Madison, Wisconsin; Aurora, Colorado; and Chamblee, Georgia.

Two cops get shot in Ferguson at a protest, the same day the chief of police resigns, days after the resignations of the city manager and a judge (the one who pushed the aggressive fine policy that likely initiated the meeting between Darren Wilson and Mike Brown seven months ago). I ask you: What's going on? (I hope I don't owe Marvin Gaye's family any dough for doing so.)

Seattle's DJ Risk One—who found fame after moving to San Francisco—has been diagnosed with an extremely rare and aggressive form of bladder cancer. He is now undergoing a massive surgery to eliminate the adenocarcinoma from his body—you can help with costs by going to Also, you might've heard that the big homie DJ DV One lost his brother recently, and medical bills are putting a massive strain on his family—you can go to and make a donation to help him out in this time of need. There's been benefit shows for both gents thrown in recent weeks, and it's good to see communities pulling together to support them through tough times. You can't help but think of what you would do in the same situation—and how grateful you'd be for that help. Much love goes out to the Lewis and Campbell families.

Right after riling up the town (by "starting conversations," that ultimate Seattle controversy) with his metatag masterstroke, the Macklemore Privilege & Chief on Keef Violence EP (which came close on the heels of his Cognitive Dissonance Part II), Raz Simone is back like re-rock with "Baby Jesus," the title track to his third project dropping in 2015. Hopefully you heard Raz's Gifted Gab and Fatal Lucciauno–assisted "Same Problems," which name-checked a dozen or so local rappers. Now it would appear that the lord himself (or his son? Or both?) is just the latest cat to catch bars. (Jesus, when reached for comment, said he felt vaguely dissed: "I though me and Raz were cool.") For some rappers, so much output might amount to them muddying up their own wave, but for Raz, it might could be the layup to greatness. I'd say pay attention, because by my clock, it's actually right on time for the local scene to get shaken up a bit again (truly, it happens every four or five years). Stay frosty. recommended