Anatomy of a Backlash


her MOUTH looks like a trout's? or her ASS looks like a trout's mouth?

Who are all these people and why should I care?
I like her music.
I have no idea who this Iggy person is but Banks (based on her tweets) is foul-mouthed ghetto trash.
seems a bit misogynist to judge her based on her mouth. who cares what she looks like? seems hypocritical to dis white priviledge in an article headlined by your male priv.
@5 -- I thought the same thing. Not really necessary to bash her looks.
@5 black people can't be misogynist. Misogyny is privilege + power.
You don't cancel a tour because you can't find the right opening act. That has literally never happened.
She is done. TI made his money. If you want to look at the systematic issues at play in the music industry this is a great example. As for Azalea Banks, that girl is 23, is telling it like it is, and isn't going anywhere. I'm looking forward to more of that
The audience for “Fancy” doesn’t care whether Iggy can actually rap and they don’t even know who Azealia Banks is, let alone care what she thinks. Frankly I would be surprised if she were able to sustain enough popularity to have a successful headlining tour a year after the fact because that’s how these things work out. She’s just another one-hitter and pop music is littered with those, though few have gotten as much scorn as Iggy. She definitely earned some of it, but it’s hard to tell how much because women in male-dominated fields always get way more shit than they deserve.
Ya'll just jealous of her fance.

But seriously, I find the gleeful reactions distasteful and I am embarrassed for you. I really don't understand the vitriol. As far as I can tell she produces the same vapid pop music as everyone else these days but for some reason trashing Iggy Azalea has become the thing to do in progressive circles.

Maybe there is more to the story that I am not aware of but all I've picked up on are some vague complaints about 'appropriation.' She's Australian. Is it really black culture appropriation or just American culture mimicry?
@7 -- Are you joking or serious? (I can't usually tell on Slog).
@6: please tell me you are joking.
Sorry, that was supposed to be @7: please tell me you are joking. About misogyny.
Also, I think it is interesting that white male rappers don't get nearly as much vitriol.
I was satirizing a popular line of thought amongst tumblr users and sociology majors. Completely in jest.
@15 you haven't been around here much have you?

the rest of you 24k slang wizards should just keep cracking me up with your expert reads.

^ I must be slipping in my slang wizardry skills because I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about.
The good Lord bless and keep Azealia Banks safe and happy, that's what I'll say.
To be honest, most brits and australians sound very Texan (or southern, whatever) when they try to do an American accent.

Accents are tricky.
I don't know if anyone noticed, but Hip-Hop *IS* pop music. There's no line or distinction. Most consumers of hip hop are white. I'm completely fine with white rappers doing white rap. or black rap. Authenticity is so 2002.
The last time pop music sucked this badly, it was 1988.