Never Heard of 'Em



What you did not mention is that Sparks is still going strong, having released 22 albums/CD's in the last 40 years. Sparks really should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But you can't go wrong with Kimono My House. As a 9th grader I heard it and music became a passion. All Hail Mael.
"Talent Is An Asset" is my JAM
I feel like Propaganda or #1 In Heaven are more definitive, but glad to see Sparks in this series.
I love this album. They used to be all over the live music T.V. shows that were so common in the 1970's. I know they had a bit of a comeback album a few years ago, but they do seem to have become obscure to most people.
Ooooh, they are my favoritest ever. I vote for Indiscreet as the best album, better than Kimono, even.