Never Heard of 'Em: Built to Spill


how the heck is this even possible? I've seen built to spill two or 3 times completely unintentionally. they play so many festivals around here you can't avoid them.
Nice review. There's Nothing Wrong With Love isn't their masterpiece (hell, most fans would probably argue it's only their 3rd best album) but it's still fantastic and the right place for people to start.
@2 I can't argue with what their fans all agree on, but There's Nothing Wrong With Love is certainly the most iconic Treepeople album, and made the biggest splash on it's release.
@3: I'd make an argument for Perfect From Now On. I'm pretty sure I listened to Velvet Waltz until teenage melancholy dripped from the walls, Shining-style. Or potentially Live, just for its goddamn face-shattering cover of "Cortez The Killer." Saw that shit in 2000 or so - it was like he had filled his guitar on an alter with Neil Young's blood.
@4: I'm totally with you. I believe that Perfect From Now On, and "Velvet Waltz" in particular, is their crowing achievement. There are universes in that song. There's Nothing Wrong With Love is great, too, but in a totally different way.
@3 and @4 - I think the fact that I Freudian typo'd Treepeople in place of BtS probably tells you where I'm coming from on this one.

I can't tell you which is best because, honestly, my interest waned... but, I remember the first album coming out and... it was fine. No one was anymore excited about it than the remaining members of his last band's new record... maybe even less so.

But then... bam! TNWWL came out and 2 weeks later everyone knows every lyric. This must have been what that Liz Phaire album was doing to those college kids!

I remember liking TNWWL also, but it was another good album. Not a shocker. Of course there's a million other things that go into this loving an album stuff—and maybe I'm at a disadvantage of never having been burdened with really thinking about their catalog as a whole, but I'm standing by this, impossibly unobjectively, as BtS's "most classic." It's their Highway 61 Revisited.
wait, I'm @3. Meant @4 and @5. Don't listen to me, I'm still working out the basics.
I have finally discovered a pattern among most of your positive reviews: sincerity (see: Jonathan Richman/Neutral Milk Hotel). Have you tried Beat Happening yet? Calvin Johnson's sensitive genius might be right up your alley.
I'm with @8... I really hope Anna has never heard Beat Happening (hint, hint)!
(not totally sure about the sincerity thing, but who knows)
There's Nothing Wrong with Love, Perfect From Now On, and Keep it Like a Secret are all fantastic albums and trying to assign them any order of greatness is silly. Damn I love BTS.
@8 and 9: Sounds great! I do not know this thing. I'll put it on the list! (And I like it that you're trying to find something I'll like instead of something to torture me with. Much appreciated.)
If you like Built to Spill and Beat Happening you can try both with Halo Benders!
I like you column.