Never Heard of 'Em



I've never actually listened to Gong, but Steve Hillage who was part of the band around when they recorded this album went on to be in System 7, a trance band I really enjoy. I'm going to have to listen to this.

Anyway, this is what Wikipedia has to say about the album:

In the third instalment, You (1974), Zero must first return from his trip. He asks Hiram the Master Builder how to structure his vision and build his own Invisible Temple. Having done this, Zero establishes that he must organise the Great Melting Feast of Freeks on the Isle of Everywhere, Bali.

The event is going well, and the Switch Doctor switches on everyone's third eyes except for Zero's. For Zero is out the back, indulging in Earthly pleasures (fruitcake).

Zero has missed out on the whole third eye revelation experience and is forced to continue his existence spinning around on the wheel of births and deaths and slowly converging on the Angel's Egg in a way which, to a certain extent, resembles Buddhist reincarnation.
Aw c'mon, Gong? Even Gong fans don't listen to Gong.
This Gong fan does. But without parts 1 and 2 of a trilogy how is anyone supposed to process this lovely, super druggy nonsense?
One of my favorite albums ever, but -- yeah, you really need to listen to the trilogy in order.
Shows you what I know. Next thing you'll have this poor person writing about Magma in some made-up language.
I don't know how this falls into the category of "all the records that music nerds consider important". "Never Heard of 'Em"?—don't worry, no one else has, either. They're noteworthy in so far as one of the band members, Mike Howlett, later played a role in getting together three musicians who went on to become The Police.
Gong is probably only accessible to people like my self who actually lived through the 70's, or people who are currently tripping on Ayahuasca.
I love Gong. Especially Gong 'You'. My next favorite is 'Expresso' an all instrumental project done post 'You'. I come from the angle of, if you don't like it, there's something wrong with you. For there's nothing wrong with 'You'. Incidentally, there's a double trance version of 'You' which I've been digging lately.

Never considered myself a nerd though.