Never Heard of 'Em



I had the same reaction when I heard this album 18 years ago. It made 17 year old me want to go fuck shit up and burn it all down. It makes 34 year old me want to go fuck shit up and burn it all down in a sensible minivan.
SK were & are a great band. The whole 'all-female/riot grrl' fuss was just media hoo-hah. Their oeuvre stands up to that of any of their penis or non-penis equipped contemporaries.
Here's the amazing thing about "Dig Me Out":

It's not even close to being their best album.

You have some serious treats in store for you.
Finally, a review from you of a band I've heard of. Oof.
I'm not ready for this record to be 18.
does anyone else find the singing actually painful?
@6: speaking as a huge fan of this band, Corin's vocals are definitely something that a lot of people legitimately don't like. They work for me, but I'm not entirely unsympathetic to anyone for whom they don't.

Some of their later albums are a little less wail-y, especially when Carrie is doing the lead vocals, cf:…
Personally, I find Carrie's occasional shrieking from the early days to be less tolerable, but that was in keeping with the riot grrrl sound.
@6: Me. Weiss is a monster drummer; but I prefer her in a Quasi or Malkmus setting. I just can't take Tucker's warble.

Maybe its' a male ear/female voice thing? Mrs. Solomon cannot stand Dylan or Young for the same reasons. Which is pretty much a tragedy for me.
@6: Yes. @9: Female ear here; I can tolerate Dylan and actually enjoy Young's ethereal falsetto. But Corin Tucker... I just can't. Which sucks, because Sleater-Kinney is a legitimately great band.
Same same same. I'm A woman who cannot stand the wail. It's such a shame. I feel like a bad PNW native and a bad feminist for not being able to stomach SK. The music is fantastic, the songwriting superb, but when Corin opens her mouth I simply can't.
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