Never Heard of 'Em



Please do Broken Social Scenes' you forgot it in people, a modern Canadian classic
Wow, this pretty much hits the nail on the head, Anna, at least for me:
It was definitely warmly remembered, but also a youthful memory, not something people talked about listening to last week. It sounded like it was part of people's teenage or young-adult awakening-to-the-wider-world soundtrack.

I can totally remember listening to Fugazi for the first time, as you can well imagine, on a friend's Walkman towards the end of my first year of high school, and... I probably won't need to listen to Fugazi anymore, except for the song "Waiting Room."
Minor Threat, on the other hand, that's something to listen to on a regular basis still. I'm pretty this sure issue has been touched on in a Slog/Line Out post or two before.
Fugazi, the Descendents, the Pixies, and Sonic Youth were the soundtrack of my high school years, and they all hold up very well. I was just listening to my newly rediscovered Repeater CD last week.
There's a frustration and anger that comes from your first big interrogations of the world, and that shit is real, and everyone deserves music that goes along with it. But sometimes that music is a little silly, because not all of our first battles are all that interesting.

This is superb.

Volumes could (and perhaps should) be written to investigate the gulf between music that serves this transitional purpose for a micro-generation, then disappears, and the music whose interrogations find reason to persist.
Cute kitty!
Nailed it again, Anna.