Party Crasher

Toasting with a One-Time Sexy Tampon


Well put.
Uh...Noni was a sexy tapeworm. I was the sexy tampon. Fact check my friend.
Sweetie, you are STILL a sexy tampon in my book! And always will be!
Indeed, I must credit Miss Celeste with sexy tampon. As I regailed our fine author with tales of costume past, I had praised the sexy tampon outfit, it may have seemed as if I was a sexy tampon myself. I was a sexy tapeworm that evening.
Indeed, credit where it is due. Celeste was and always will be sexy tampon, I was sexy tapeworm. As I regaled our author with tales of theme parties past, I had praised sexy tampon as a top drawer costume. My enthusiasm may have implied that it was I who had been the tamp vamp in question.
You did hand him a double....why bother with the details?
Party Crasher: based on a true story
This is truly a fantastic article that captures the excellentricity of the evening. Details be damned!
Aw, how fun. I used to throw parties like that. I had themes like "Wear what you'd wear if you'd gone to the Fair!" (A 1962 World's Fair celebration) and "Rhapsody in Plaid!" (I think that one's self-explanatory) Every theme had to end in an exclamation point.

In those heady, pre-internet days, I'd go to the library and copy old magazine ads and then make them into collages that I would xerox and distribute as invitations (Which was nothing unusual - I pride myself on my lack of originality) . I wish I'd kept some.

I haven't thrown a really big party since I turned forty.