A Dialogue Between Gucci Mane and His Crazy Triple-Scoop Ice Cream Cone Face Tattoo


I cannot believe this. I love you Trent.
GOUT: In life is a sedentary one, your amusements, your recreation, at least, should be active. You ought to walk or ride; or, if the weather prevents that, play at billiards. But let us examine your course of life. While the mornings are long, and you have leisure to go abroad, what do you do? Why, instead of gaining an appetite for breakfast, by salutary exercise, you amuse yourself with books, pamphlets, or newspapers, which commonly are not worth the reading.
Does it also say "FAG" on his face?
This is exquisitely written.

"71. Wash your feet and clip those claws you call toenails before you walk barefoot around the studio floors." --The Gospel According to the Drummer, The Rock Bible.
i loved this, trent. you said the thing about the tat that i thought all along: stay-out-of-jail-free card.
I saw that too, Fnarf. I can't clearly make it out though.

Thanks KellyOcookie, Estey, and LAR.

And thank you to Jennifer McFerran and her Honors English professor for the Benjamin Franklin Gout hookup.

And thank you Gucci.
Bread and circuses.
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crazy maybe , retarded definitely !
Mike Tyson has earned at least a mention in this article.
Crazy ? perhaps, stupid ? absolutely. And I do see where it says fag on his ugly fuckin mug.
Fucking nuts. Plain fucking nuts.