Sound Check

Macklemore on His Dave Niehaus Tribute Performance


I was at the game and got to catch this performance. It was an emotional day, but this song hit me pretty the point where my wife actually asked me if I was ok.

There were some kids in the row in front of us who were obviously fans of Macklemore and they were singing along--knowing the words. This was my first time hearing it...and I'm sure I didn't catch it all. (A stadium is definitely not the best place to catch specifics.)

While I think he's right, that your typical Safeco crowd aren't going to be knowledgeable hip hop fans...I bet there'd be fewer negative comments if people truly understood both the story behind the creation of the song and the lyrics. Would have loved to have seen the lyrics on the scoreboard, for example...

And I'd buy a "Remembering Dave Niehaus" DVD with this performance on it. Even from Section 333, I could tell from the look on his face that this meant everything to this guy and that he meant everything he was saying.

Gotta Love This Guy!
Excellent reading here. Thank you Trent and Ben and Ryan and to the Mariners for making all this happen. Go M's. RIP Dave Neihaus.

I have always wondered if the Moose could see anything at all out of that thing.
Seriously, this was not universally hated by all who had the misfortune of seeing and hearing it? Terrible Eminem rip off and as poor a tribute to Niehaus as could be dreamed up. Just awful
This is one of the few good moves made by Mariner management in recent memory...Brilliant!