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Acrassicauda: Heavy Metal From Baghdad to Seattle


Awesome, though I'm bummed as it is at a 21 and only place.
The takeaway from this interview:

This bona fide musician and metal devotee, who has persevered in the face of persecution, who has escaped death repeatedly, who has traveled halfway around the globe to be able to play music as he sees fit, seems never to have encountered any obstacle quite as irritating as Trent Moorman.

Trent, we get it. You're a proudly irresponsible hipster-cliché douche who approaches every interaction with the presumption that all who share your age bracket and nominally share your musical tastes are equally irresponsible hipster-cliché douches. You see irresponsible hipster-cliché douchery as the great equalizer, the cultural bridge.

But maybe after the third time he told you that, despite being on the Vice label, he was less than interested in spending his entire career in fucked-up Vice Magazine-Trent Moorman wet-dream mode of alcohol, drugs, and ironic-suburban-childhood-artifact referential bullshit, you could have given it a fucking rest.

Unbelievable how loathsome The Stranger's music section has become lately.

The macaroni & cheese at Slim's Last Chance is really good.
@2, we must have read different interviews.

whoa! did you read about Buddhism once and take away that it's all about every man for himself?
The takeaway from the "d.p." comment:

Dp has low reading comprehension. Dp has no sense of humor, whatsoever. Dp is quicker to judge and is more close minded than the the fundamentalists and millitants that this band sought to escape from.

Basically, Dp is a dumbass.

For once I'd like to see dumbshit metal fans like this Dp fucker not make the rest of us metal fans look bad.

Cause I'm a metal fan through and through. Dp, you have other issues my friend.
If these guys were not from Iraq there would be zero attention paid them. Just sayin'.
Acrassicauda is a great band.

d.p., Loathsome. I'm honored. Have some geoduck.
To each his own I guess. I'm not trying to belittle them, but there's a lot of similarly accessible metal bands out there that are overlooked or even mocked by trend setting crowd. The only difference I can see is the bands personal experiences. Which is not to say it doesn't make for a good documentary or interview subject.
He's going to be sorely disappointed by Candy Land.
I might also suggest Damaar from Lebanon if you like your metal from war torn middle eastern countries.
Tovirus, I'll check out Damaar.

Acrassicauda's story is so compelling, and it's such a part of them, I can't separate it from their music. Where they are and what they went through (what they're still going through) are, for me, inseparable from the music. The songs and the music have this meaning and this sound, and it's all so anchored and bolstered by their experiences. It's all so crucial, so part of them. I listen with an interested ear. If they were from Bellevue or LA, it wouldn't be the same. But they aren't from Bellevue, or LA, they're from Iraq. Not to argue with you, but that argument is pointless.
I agree it's a compelling story, but there have been many similar stories from much better (in my opinion) metal bands (especially from communist eastern europe in the 80s and many south american countries in perpetual turmoil)who never got any recognition.

You're right though. Pointless argument. Interesting interview.