Sound Check

Black Breath's Foul Agility


Headbang Motherfuckers!!!
Pleasant read, Moorman. Fitted nicely.
If you love Satan check this out:…
Satan's Power
Good band. Seattle Metal! For some reason now I want a hamburger. Trent, I'll bind and gag you. Come by the boutique. We'll go 80 and crank metal. You'll wear a robe.
it's refreshing to see a band like this getting this type of exposure. I'm sick of reading rave reviews of boring music in this paper. I haven't been listening to a lot of metal as of late, but hearing this band puts a smile on my face.
love the band, hate this writer. some seriously cheesy shit. get someone not a lame hipster to write about metal please.
8 - Let's hear you describe Black Breath. I'll tell you what I think. Moorman ain't a hipster, you close minded, insecure, fuck wad. Jesus you metal fans are the biggest bunch of pussies in Seattle. All you do is complain. Someone writes about a band you say you love, and you bitch? Then I'll bet you are the first person to bitch when bands you love don't get press.
this band is far too awesome for such a lame-brained, moronic interview. the first paragraph alone made me want to punch the writer!! what a tool.
Allow me to take a moment for the trolls. This has been building for a while so I’m just going to take it out on these stupid fuckers -

Lecacy Builder and #8, this article sucked so bad, what is your description of Black Breath. Let’s hear it. I'm interested. Let me hear you sound more interesting than Trent Moorman, since it will be so easy for you.

I loved this interview. I laughed multiple times. I’ve been a metal fan since I started listening to music as a kid and I have worked as a road manager and roadie for 20 years. Ozzfest, Goatwhore, Kingdom of Sorrow being my latest. So FUCK YOU. I like Black Breath, they have made a good start but they have some work to do. My description of Black Breath, “THEY SOUND LIKE EVERY OTHER METAL BAND ON THE PLANET.” I was impressed Trent was able to turn it into something readable and entertaining.

What is cheesy about being held by your throat off the back of a truck going 80 mph by a dude in black robes with a crucifix? Actually kind of a perfect description of the music.

What is cheesy and lame about suffocating? Yeah, that’s cheesy let me tell you.

What is cheesy and lame bout a cow falling into a overstocked piranha pond? Again, a fitting, funny, interesting metaphor and description of the music that doesn’t fall into the “Fuck yeah, Man, this fuckin rocks” category.

Last time I checked WWII tanks weren’t cheesy either. Tell me what’s cheesy about WWII tanks. A cauldron of malevolent and blurred divisibility, cheesy? Let me hear what your description is.

Then Trent goes on to fuck with the guy in the interview a little bit. He has some fun with it. But you can’t seem to handle it. Are you really that dumb, and that worked up by this article that you can’t have a sense of humor? Black Breath guys act tough and badass, but it seems like a bit of put on to me. Talk to me after they've toured another 10 years. I was glad Trent fucked with them a little. If you’re so badass, you can’t laugh, then you got a big fucking problem. Also, you aren’t half as badass as you think you are, I guarantee it.

You’re jealous, or threatened. You have nothing to add, nothing new or different to say.

Legacy Builder, what legacy are you building? A legacy of internet trolling? That’s the cheesiest thing going on here by far. Yes, that’s me laughing at you.
Legacy Builder, when you throw punches, let me know, I'd really like to be there. Mainly just to laugh.