Sound Check

Getting Grills and Growing Dreads with Mayor Mike McGinn


I'm incredibly impressed. I must be old.

Considering his appreciation for Light In The Attic, it sounds like Major McGinn would really enjoy all of the soulful reissues that come from The Numero Group label.

I used to reject all reggae as boring music. Then I met people like Mike who were able to steer me to the quality old shit.
Shuggie Otis! Inspiration Information is one of those must-have records that too few actually have.
This is great. Great interview. Fun with layers, and can I say humanizing? I knew the Mayor was a music fan, but this puts it onto another level.

Midge endorsing the Nacho Picasso is ripe.
That Big Bill Broonzy is name checked in this article makes me not hate Trent Moorman as much anymore. You're still a pandering hack, but hey, you get chat with the Mayor!
and Beat Masterson, YOUR comment makes me completely hate you. May you go far in your life as an internet troll. Moorman a pandering hack? How about "print columnist". As long as we're name calling, let's give you "anonymous troll".

Where is your column in print "Beat Masterson"? Show me where it is so we can go read it. Show me something you've written.

Trent this is one of your best ones yet. Nice work in Vice lately, btw.