George Clinton's Parliament-Funkadelic Still Tearing the Roof Off


Speaking of Tearing the Roof Off, how about Falling Through the Roof?

The Showbox's Chad Queirolo told me a Parliament-Funkadelic story about a man who fell through the Showbox ceiling, 20 feet to the floor, during one of their performances.

"Somehow," Queirolo said, "he got up, ran down the back stairwell, and into the alley."

I followed up with Queirolo for more of the story. He continued:

"It was 2007. I think the guy was either kicked out, or not allowed in in the first place as per being really loaded. He got on the roof, pulled a metal A/C housing up, got inside the VERY THIN demi-roof, and fell straight through a grate, like 20 feet, right next to the stage. Then he got up and ran! Security was standing there and ran the other way out of pure fright until he saw the kid run, and then he caught him in the exit next to the stage. Pretty awesome.

Clinton has been interesting every time, from dumping their bus septic in front of the Showbox onto 1st Ave, to members of the band scalping their own tickets, to young young girls sitting on George's lap at the end of long evenings. I love it."
george, i was telling these people about newark ok. nork..they got all those guys on facebook now, grafton avenue, all those places, branch brook park, fucking everything. people post the old pictures from newark on google and facebook now george. the best food in america is in jersey, now they just need the good weed like we have here in washington state, and they will be all set. except sandy still messed them up, im hearing bad recovery stories from over there. down the shore is wrecked now.
"The status is crooks never win." That about sums it up for me. I love his Sgt Peppers reference. George Clinton is a true American Hero. He can dump his bus's sewage anywhere he wants to. (Glad I didn't have to clean that up.)