Sound Check

Tyler, the Creator the Statue


I loved that object sexual movie too. Nice work!
I don't get why this guy is treated as anything more than a hack who gets more attention than he deserves.
Moorman writes another self-centered, interminable, post about nothing... uggggggggggghhhhhhhh
This made my week. I'd say even made me cackle with joy. Actual tears of laughter watching the objectum Eiffel Tower vid. Tyler the Statue vs the lady who loved the Golden Gate Bridge. The Olympic archer angle was over the top. Trent, highest marks here.

Robroc, good lord, it must be absolutely terrible to wake up every single day, and be you. I'm truly sorry for you.
Msg to Tyler: "I don't care if they call you a genius. You're stupid and senseless, if you're misogynistic. I'm telling you, you're dick don't work right 'cause you don't need to rape to feel. You know I'm right.
Very entertaining, Mr. Moorman. Nice Socrates quote. I see why he couldn't make it past seven minutes in that movie whoopee. Is she fondling her bow? The Tegan and Sara was particularly nice as well.
I have now watched every minute of the objectum sexy video and am thoroughly creeped out.

Funny #3 would read this article and only have a comment about Trent. Hmmmm.