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Glenn Danzig Is a Macabre American Hero


This is beauty beyond compare. The first 3 sentences of this are like a fine fine wine. Exceptional, Mr. Trent.
Oh my God dude you are on the BEST ones lately. With the sword? Srsly enjoyed this. JODIE FOSTER HAUNTS THESE VERY WOODS to Glenn Danzig omg. bwaaa. You're running circles around people with this shit.
Glenn Danzig sure looks like a mean son of a bitch. I bet he's just a big ol pussy cat once you get to know him.
Fuck Yea Danzig!

A hero and a patriot.
"Satan's Child" on top of an antennae tower with a sword in a lightning storm. A pinky finger in a Push Up served to a cop. These are unique Danzig listening perspectives. My favorite part is you asking him for thoughts on Jesus from the Bible. As opposed to another Jesus.
That Doyle! Holy Jesus. At the Golden Gods Awards, Danzig was on, and lo and behold comes this dazzling creature, Mr. Frankenstein himself. My mouth went dry, and I had to pick up my eyeballs. I love me some Danzig, but Doyle replaced him in my larcenous heart. *sigh*
Always love a good Danzig interview, especially the rare one(s) where he's not pissed off. Not that it matters in the end, but The Misfits formed in 1977, not '82.