Sound Check

Snoop Dogg Brings Us His Wellness Retreat Tour


Did you ask who the special guests are going to be at the Seattle show? Been dying to know
deGrasse to Courvoisier is my type of rhyme pattern. I was unaware Snoop Dogg had his own vape pen. Now I will have to purchase one for all my friends.
"I was unaware Snoop Dogg had his own vape pen."

Really? It's a thing atm, if you can think of an artist who's strongly 420 they either have their own or are pitching one of myriad on the market. Everyone gotta get on the merch wagon while its hot :D
trent, can I use "puget sound of weed" as the name of my next recording project?
Rayray, yes you can.

1, special guests are Nacho Picasso and Jarv Dee.