RiFF RAFF Needs His Own Roller Coaster

After I Got Off the Phone with RiFF RAFF, I Got on the Phone with Six Flags


Author why not more question about another failed release date album? Nobody seems to have addressed the elephant in the room wearing Versace sunglasses. At this point rumors are flying around that the entire Neon Icon was another publicity stunt. Say it aint so Riff! Say Something!
yeah, where's my versace download, diplo???
My favorite part of this is the Mr. Toad's Wild ride part. Make this happen, Trent. You got connections like that.
Utterly charismatic; in the Kid Rock/Richard Simmons/Vanilla Ice kind of way.
so in the "i would really like to smack them way"? or doomed to be regulated to flash in pan, please go away?
Completely useless, talentless no name bitch that no one listens to or cares about. There are about 100,000 more interesting failed viral projects.

Looking forward to the 10 year 'where are they at now' article where shit crap cleans your windshield for a nickle. It'll be more interesting than this at least.
@6 RiFF RAFF knows that you are an unhappy person and will stay away from you. He also would like you to know that he has his own line of sandals.
riff raff would have played for the seahawks, but they found weed in his warmups...
Hey, those slides float, and they're only a hundred dollars! I'd look fly as shit wearing a pair of those to the early bird buffet at Golden Corral.
Sorry, but he looks really stupid to me.
rap game albert einstein
Funny that folks want to hate on some dude that sold out Showbox that the fans loved!

Trent you got a new title that you can add to your name now. Love it.