Seattle's OCnotes Aims Deep on Color Wheel, His Best Record Yet

A Brief Survey of His Influences, from Marvin the Martian to Marvin Gaye


Doooooooope. Where do I get one of those bunny lamps? OOOOOOCCCCCCC
This guy got wasties in ballard, broke a glass on a bartender's head, and called a bunch of people faggots repeatedly. Is that the kind of artist you are supporting now?
I heard this guy flew to the moon, peed on a star, & on his way back he stopped by a bar in fremont and broke a keg over 3 bartenders heads while quoting bible scriptures. This is the kind of artist you guys are supporting now? SMH. Whatever happened to the good art like One Direction & Wilson Phillips. Come on Stranger, you can do better.
i can't believe this dude hasn't been signed by a bigger label. hands down the most creative and interesting artist in seattle. period.