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Hot, thick, and rather sweaty, "Leather Pride Week" is upon us, as is something called a "Comicon," so there's tons of geeks vs. daddies–style action this week to scintillate and tempt our naughtiest parts. However! Before we proceed with any of that delicious nonsense, let's all take a brief moment to celebrate the crimpy, fringe-boot-and-stirrup-panted days of that mythical long ago the kids all call the '80s! I do my best to never miss one of Central Cinema's drunken debauches they cleverly bill as mere "sing-alongs" (pfft... drunken debauches, I tell you!), and the annual Ladies of the '80s is my favorite—Tina, Whitney, Madge, and Tiffany (who?) are all trotted out to your group-karaoke delight. But please note! I've often reported that people are dancing in the aisles by the end of any proper Central Cinema sing-along, but THIS NO LONGER HAPPENS. Now people are dancing in the aisles before the show even STARTS. That's progress you can believe in. Central Cinema, 8 pm, $12, all ages.



It's a busy weekend for our dear friend Nark (aka party king Kevin Kauer), which means it's a busy weekend for the rest of us, too. It begins tonight with a very special Leather Pride installment of ARF!, where all the puppy-boys and gear-heads come out to play! I can't tell you how perfectly perverted the entire affair is without possibly incurring the wrath of Jesus and the LCB, so let me just say that puppies get in free and leather daddies get a discount. So bring it, you fabulous sicko. The Eagle, 9 pm–3 am, $5, 21+.


But wait! We haven't forgotten you Comicon faggots, so quit your pouting. The Pink Party totally has you covered. It's got the games and the cosplay contest and all that kind of nifty, nerdy stuff, naturally, but GUESS THE HELL WHAT? It's hosted by none other than HODOR from Game of Thrones (aka Kristian Nairn) himself! And you get to meet him and canoodle and scream HODOR at him to your geeky little heart's delight. Coool. Neighbours, 9 pm, $18/$35 VIP, 21+.


Allergic to dogs? Morally opposed to leather? Comics give you hives? Fine. Whatever. Go see the magnificent and magical ONONOS (fronted by Pony's Marcus Wilson, don'tcha know) play the Highline instead. If you insist. Highline, 9 pm, $7, 21+.


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Tonight the Durty Birdy switches gears from leather mode to comics, because geeks need filthy love, too. This month's Insert Coin is all about superhero-themed (sex?) games, Lycra, and lasciviousness—all hardcore gamer geeks and their admirers encouraged. Encouraged to what, precisely? Just never you mind, sassypants. The Eagle, 10 pm, $5 before 11 pm/$8 after, 21+. recommended