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This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties


thank you Brian Cook. Not only did you write about one of my favorite local bands, but you also mentioned my band. Feels good to know that someone from Botch knows we exist!
Wow, a whole week's worth of shows that have nothing to do with local bands I'm soooooo tired of hearing about.
Some crazy band names and some crazy bands, both local, and touring. This is the kind of thing that Seattle should be known for. Not bands who's worth is calculated by how much trouble they've caused or home many nights a week they hang out at the Cha Cha.
Here's to some forward thinking club bookers out there. Seattle get off your high horse and go see some bands you've never heard of, for once.
@2 Have you heard about this new band called Mad Rad? I hear they are pretty cool.
Damn you, wonkette! Damn, you!