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What does a band have to do get a bone from the Stranger? Who do you have to fuck at the Stranger to a get a single write up? Handful of Lovin has been together for 7 years. They have been voted one of Seattle's Best Local Bands and they have a new album out. The latter would be news to the Stranger because they don't seem to be interested in local bands. Go and listen to Handful of Lovin and say whatever you want to say, but at least say something.

Jesus, you sound like a little bitch.

Who cares how long a band has been together or what shitty publication voted them best of...

Seriously, you don't have to fuck anyone at the Stranger to get a write up, but I would suggest not whining like a bitch.

Write ups don't mean shit anyway. Some of the best writers, artists, musicians, etc. are totally ignored until long after they're dead. Maybe the band should die in a tragic accident if they really want some press...

Real Talk.

Ok, I just listened to Handful of Lovin's music on their website.

I can definitely see why the Stranger hasn't written them up.

They sound like Jack Johnson had his penis replaced with an anus.

I don't usually do this, but this band really sucks.

Sorry man. Good production. Bad music.

Although I think they're music would be perfect for Adam Sandler's new romantic comedy...
Here's a review: "Handful of Shit Sandwich." Just kidding! But, seriously, I'm the person you have to fuck—sorry about that.
Well, at least you said something...
Handful of Lovin is a great band with great songs. They have taken things to a new level with their latest CD, "Life in Between." Check out their show at the Crocodile this Saturday and then let me know what you think. I don't know who made the first post, but I've wondered for the past couple of years why the Stranger never mentions them in their write ups - even when they have a CD release at the Tractor, or gigs at the Crocodile. Maybe somebody from the Stranger might drop by the Crocodile this weekend and write a review?
Holy Mole - It's good to know that Visqueen will make Seattle look good...

On Friday the 19th...The Moondoggies, The Maldives, Shenandoah Davis, Tomo Nakayama, Jack Wilson, Michael Vermillion and Pablo Trucker will also make Seattle look good. @ the Vortex Theater in Austin, on Manor Road.

Handful of Lovin is a legit Seattle band. I kept their demo in my dresser for TWO YEARS before actually giving it a listen. Why? Because the name is terrible. Sorry. Hate to be like that but when your handed a cd entitled handful of lovin you generally don't listen to it. But in all seriousness, go see Handful Of Lovin.At least once. Give it the good ol college try. At the very least you can watch hot hippie chicks twirl.
Crap I fucked the wrong person!