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Listening to Almost Anything (Wakey!^2), I see where you got Billy Joel and U2; with the repetitive and syncopated guitar rhythms, big sound and driving lyrics. But I thought it was more a mix of Coldplay's slowly crashendoing progressions, TV on the Radio's pace and overlapping arrangements, and Mat Kearneys lyrical themes and voice intonations. Odd mix, but either way Paul is right, it does work really well. Thanks for pointing out this show.
Totally agree about Steve Miller. And it's not just because the greatest hits CD was the second album I owned, or that my alma mater played Swingtown at all the football games, or that Jet Airliner makes me want to get rich AND get busted; it's plainly for the fact that you can't help but rock out even if he's not what is considered "in."

Thanks Dave for standing up for what the soul can't deny.
Wakey!^2 also sounds a bit like Glen and Marketa (from Once).