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Meghan Selling you are a sheep! Just going a long with what you heard. Well I was there in Texas and heard from people that were close up the real story. Before everything that went down did. It could of been stopped avoided. Throughout the show that same group was throwing ice and spitting beer at Ben. Usually security would stop this and throw the person out or move them. Instead nothing happened and if you even listened to Screeching Weasel lyrics you know this it's not a good thing to provoke Ben. Like you said he is a asshole. I think the security should of been fired that day for not doin their job. But in the case of Ben he didn't know who was attacking him? So self defense man! Also wasn't there a certain musician named GG Allin that people lined up to see his crazy personality. Ben's a great songwriter, singer and musician! People just need to have his back! Certainly in my opinion things could of went another way and the show in Texas would of been more about the MUSIC! Not about others and you ranting about shit you don't even know about. 800 times, pshh what!? Also Ben is on a label and doing quite fine. Stop making up lies! Also if you were a Screeching Weasel fan you must of never listened to the lyrics? I do not care for your review and it's time to move on from the gossip please!