I hope that the protesters recognize this and make an effort to make up for the loss of business these small establishments will experience. But if there is one thing I've noticed about identity politics and all of it's various forms...they don't give a shit about anyone else other then themselves.

But hey..PROVE ME WRONG!!! After the protest flood these businesses with your patronage and shopping. Show us that it's not all about you!!!
What's a womxn?

There has been a tremendous amount of traffic on social media addressing exactly this. Participants are being asked to be respectful of businesses adjacent to the route, and to patronize them when possible. With Chinese New Year approaching, this is a busy shopping season for many businesses in the area, and protesters are being asked to make an effort to minimize disruption to their activities.
Many of us plan on stopping there to grab snacks and food to eat during the march since it's going to be a long day. If the businesses are smart, they'll top up on fresh Spring rolls, hum bao and bahn mi sandwiches for fast take outs.

Because they carry anti-spell talismans...
I have been told by the white people (none of the Latinos/Latinas I know use the term, and they think it is white nonsense) who use "Latinx" that it is pronounced "Latinex," so should "Womxn" be pronounced "Womexens?"

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