See where Man In Tree made Seattle history! SounderBruce/Wikimedia Commons

It is easy to find the house where Kurt Cobain killed himself, but it's almost impossible to find the exact location where the body of Layne Staley, the lead singer of Alice in Chains, was found after a heroin overdose. This map provides the locations that certainly have mainstream significance but are not so straightforward. They are a little crooked. Other Seattle must-see maps will include the Space Needle and Pike Place Market, but I can promise that if you are new to town, knowing the places on this list will make you a real local. (Video tour here.)

1. The Whisky Bar

2122 Second Ave, Belltown

There was a bit of a scuffle, there was an unpaid tab in a Belltown bar, there was pop star Justin Bieber in the middle of all this. The bill he neglected to pay asked him for $131.52. The headline of a post on Earn the Necklace: "Justin Bieber Net Worth in 2016 Closing In On $200 Million." Bieber did later settle the bar tab.

2. Fantagraphics, Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery

7563 Lake City Way NE, Lake City; 1201 S Vale St, Georgetown

The hate-meme Pepe the Frog was not invented by the alt-right. Those types are too dumb to make anything interesting on their own. They instead took the frog from the pages of a comic book published by Fantagraphics. The company has its offices in Lake City and a bookstore and gallery in Georgetown.

3. CenturyLink Field

800 Occidental Ave S, Sodo

A black man took a bike from a cop and wasn't shot! This happened on January 18, 2015, right after the Seahawks defeated the always troublesome Green Bay Packers and won the NFC Championship. The black man who took the police bike, the Seahawks' defensive end Michael Bennett, did live and auctioned off the bike for $10,000 for charity.

4. Larry's Blues Cafe

209 First Ave S (now closed), Pioneer Square

This is where, on October 17, 2005, the skull of Ken Hamlin, a then-safety for the Seahawks (he ended his football career with the Indianapolis Colts in 2010), was badly damaged during an altercation that occurred inside and outside of Larry's Blues Cafe at 2 a.m. The man who delivered the brutal blow on Hamlin's head was a certain Terrell Milam.

5. Seward Park

5900 Lake Washington Blvd S, South Seattle

This is where, on October 17, 2005, the corpse of Terrell Milam was found hours after he damaged the head of the Seahawks' Ken Hamlin. It was later concluded that the death was unrelated to the Pioneer Square assault. Milam was just having one of those nights that become your last night on earth.

6. Canterbury

534 15th Ave E, Capitol Hill

The movie Fences, directed by Hollywood hunk Denzel Washington, was written by the late, great African American playwright August Wilson. He certainly wrote parts of the script at this bar, Canterbury, and also at Caffe Ladro on 15th Avenue.

7. Downtown Tree

Fourth Ave and Stewart St, downtown

For 25 hours on March 22, 2016, the tall evergreen on Fourth Avenue was the most popular tree in America. It trended on Twitter. Why? Because a man climbed to the top of it and refused to come down. He also did his business up there, and he demanded the emergency professionals fetch him a packet of Camel Crush cigarettes. He became known to the world as Man in Tree.

8. Westlake Park


During a Social Security and Medicare rally on August 8, 2015, Bernie Sanders lost the mic to two Black Lives Matter activists, Marissa Johnson and Mara Willaford. The disruption went viral, the videos and images showed a pissed Sanders and the black activists getting booed by Sanders's white fans. On April 6, 2016, one of the BLM activists, Johnson, accused the famous rapper and Sanders supporter Killer Mike (Run the Jewels) of gaslighting her on Twitter. Killer Mike didn't win that Twitter battle.

9. Escala

1920 Fourth Ave, downtown

Support The Stranger

This is where the 27-year-old fictional billionaire Christian Grey lives and does his nasty stuff in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey.

10. Nowhere (Or Somewhere in the Air)

You will not find anywhere in Seattle the location of the view from Frasier Crane's apartment in the 1990s sitcom Frasier. The view dramatically changes from window to window and room to room. Those who tell you Frasier's apartment building is on Queen Anne Hill are pulling a fast one on you. No one knows exactly where the place is supposed to be.

11. Grandview Plaza

4528 Eighth Ave NE, University District

In April 30, 1997, Layne Staley, the lead singer of Alice in Chains, purchased unit 5C in Grandview Plaza, a five-story condominium building in the University District. It was the beginning of his end. On April 5, 2002, Staley died here. Because of his extreme isolation, he spent two weeks decomposing in unit 5C.

12. Lake Washington


On June 4, 1999, Charles Mudede heard the late Richard Harris, who played Professor Albus Dumbledore in the first two Harry Potter movies, say, upon seeing Bill Gates's Medina mansion during a narrated cruise of Lake Washington: "That man. That man is a genius."

13. Elliott Bay

West side of town

At the end of the 2016 Netflix documentary Amanda Knox, the woman who was twice convicted in Italy for the 2008 murder of British student Meredith Kercher, and had those convictions overturned, Amanda Knox, is shown taking a ferry across Elliott Bay. She is headed to Bainbridge Island. She looks very moody. She is obviously reflecting very deeply on the spectacular events in her life. The terminal for the Bainbridge ferry is at the end of Yesler Way.

14. Ezell's Famous Fried Chicken

501 23rd Ave, Central District

Here you will find a dated picture of Oprah Winfrey on the wall. Why? Because in the 1990s, the talk-show host was a super fan of the fried chicken. She loved it so much, she regularly had it flown to Chicago. In 1990, she flew Ezell's employees to Chicago to cater her birthday. This is what Winfrey wrote on the picture of her that hangs on Ezell's wall like a shrine: "I don't know what I like more—the chicken or the sweet potato pie. The food is something special."