SOME PRO-SIDRAN activists are going to bat for city council candidates who support civility laws.

Jim Hammond, public affairs consultant with Cocker Fennessey, is heading up the effort. The group, Safe Streets & Parks for All, is planning to jump into the campaign finance loophole and file as a political action committee with Seattle Ethics & Elections Commission, so they can do large, independent expenditures for the candidates they support. To determine their faves, they've concocted a seven-question survey, which they've already sent out to the council candidates. The survey asks for views on public peeing, change bumming, and sidewalk sitting. Hammond says he will endorse candidates who show they favor "responsible behavior."

The group plans to publicize the pro-Sidran candidates with large ads in the P-I and The Seattle Times, and direct mailings to about 100,000 voters.

Hammond says neither Sidran nor any of the candidates have a direct connection with the effort. However, "[Sidran's] work and the ordinances are a source from which we draw."