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New ATM Card Screws Poor People


Okay so I do not believe in the welfare system. While I do believe that we have a duty to take care of our fellow men I DO NOT believe anyone has the right to make us be charitable with our money. That is an individual choice and not within the role of the government. Although they seemed to have stolen that power out of thin air as we the people allow them to do so. I do however believe that all taxes should be used wisely. If we are handing out money to people we need to make sure it is spent for purposes intended. I do believe some people do take that to heart and are careful not to abuse the tax payers dollars but I also know that some people could care less and spend the money on whatever the heck they want. Tax payers should not have to pay for somebody else's toys, entertainment and so forth.
When a person who does no work, except stay home and scramble to provide food and shelter for their kids, receives a monthly stipend we call it welfare. We give them several hundred dollars a month, pass a little judgement, express a little sympathy and hope they do something to change their situation.

When a person who does no work, except put on a suit and stay in their office scrambling to invent meeting agendas and paper projects, receives a monthly stipend we call it business. We give them several thousand (sometimes tens of thousands) dollars a month, complain a little bit, express a little sense of inequity and hope they do something to change OUR situation.

Whether it comes from "taxes" or "service fees", it's our dollars that support both of these individuals. What's the difference between the two? Except that one wants food and the other wants a personal jet.
Ranter - The difference is that one is contributing to society, the other is sucking off of it.

Your "tax dollars" don't support people who work. The dollars that you spend at businesses do. However, those are dollars that you choose to spend with those organizations. If you feel they are over compensating their workers you can stop purchasing their products.

Unfortunately, I don't have the same option when it comes to paying the taxes that support welfare programs.

OH! And a post that is a little more on topic...

The author of this post was *very* misleading.

1. Clients do not HAVE to have their cash(TANF)benefits loaded onto an EBT card, they may have them direct deposited into their own checking accounts. Clients who only get food will receive the EBT (Quest) card automatically.…

2.DSHS clients are not charged to use their EBT card to make purchases, they are charged if they choose to make a cash withdrawl from an ATM. For clients who only receive food, this is not possible, and therefor moot. For other clients this can be avoided by opening their own banking account. Clients can avoid all fees by only making POS purchases.

3. As the author noted, TANF recipients do not receive a high monthly payment. The money is primarily supposed to pay for rent and misc. living expenses. These are not things that cash is needed for. Rent is payed with a check, or a cashier check, and food is POS purchase (which we have already established is free.) There should be very few, if any, times when someone is charged a fee.

4. The bank that is providing these services needs to get paid. Banks don't operate for free, and if these people want the convenience of making a cash ATM withdraw they need to pay for it, like everyone else.

5. And finally, the People are paying for those who receive these benefits to live, and they deserve to know where their money is going. You doing have a reasonable expectation to privacy with other people's money.

I can't believe u people bitch about people in need. Tanif is temporory and doesn't last a lifetime so don't act like you pay for some one else's entire life its only a couple years. I'm sure people like u would rather see people homeless n starving rather than be forced to help them. Just so you can buy another movie or video game etc. don't wine about it. It's. Better that then having them all over the streets or spending more cash on what they stole or there incarseration fee's. Either way it costs everyone money. with as many people on this planet not everyone can be rich, so have heart n stop being so selfish. Find something else to bitch about you can afford it. Also if a day comes we're you need tanif, you will be very thankful for it. Don't say it won't happen, it can and it's not always the individuals fault it happens to. Im not condoning those who scam it on Purpose but they are very few because they track it all. And those that do are punished. Keep that in mind.

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