You're Leaking

Someone is in trouble with City Attorney Mark Sidran, and this time it's not homeless punk-rock kids sleeping in the park. Last week, Sidran sent a memo to his staff, scolding them for talking to the press. Specifically, a source for Seattle Times columnist Nicole Brodeur (identified simply as an "anonymous city attorney") told her that newly elected Council Member Judy Nicastro didn't seem interested in public policy, while Nicastro colleague Heidi Wills seemed like the person who annoyed the hell out of you in high school. Sidran was livid that one of his staff would mouth off to a reporter with such candid opinions of city council members -- who are essentially clients of his office. "Not only do I disagree with the comments... [but] making such statements to a reporter is not consistent with the values of this office," he wrote.

The Stranger obtained Sidran's note from an anonymous source. NANCY DREW

Cop Logic

The Seattle Police Officers Guild apparently thinks we shouldn't address the issue of racial profiling.

The Washington state legislature is currently looking at a bill that would collect statistics on every traffic stop made in the state. The goal is to see if local police agencies and the Washington Highway Patrol are guilty of discriminating against minorities.

While the guild has yet to weigh in on the bill officially, guild Vice President J. D. Miller is skeptical. "Officers are already asked to enforce all laws without regard to race and ethnicity," he says.

Using a bit of tortured logic, Miller argues that if officers have to write down the race for every person they pull over, then everyone may suddenly become more conscious of race. "It sounds to me like the state wants us to conduct racial profiling," he says. PHIL CAMPBELL


Mayor Paul Schell is nervous that city council members Judy Nicastro and Heidi Wills are pushing the exotic circus animals ban that he originally proposed. He's antsy because of a poll commissioned by Feld Entertainment, Inc. (the owners of Barnum & Bailey), which showed that Seattleites don't support the ban, nor do they like animal- rights activists. But the person who should be most upset by the results of the poll is Richard McIver.

The survey found that half of the 500 Seattle voters surveyed don't know who the hell this council member is. ALEXANDRA HOLLY-GOTTLIEB