A Day in the Park/Sand Point/Wed April 19/5:15 pm: Late this afternoon, Officer Gonzales and his partner, Officer White, were dispatched to Magnuson Park to investigate a sex offense. When they arrived at the park, they found a nine-year-old white girl standing with her mother.

The cops reported the following account: Soon after arriving at the park, the little girl went to the playground to ride on the swings, while her mother walked the dog in the off-leash area. Four black juveniles (between ages eight and 12) were also in the playground area. After some time, one of the black juveniles sat on the swing next to her and confessed that he had a crush on her. The girl did not have a crush on him, so she got off the swing and proceeded to walk away. The black juvenile then grabbed her by the shoulders and attempted to kiss her. But before he succeeded, one of the other black juveniles grabbed and pulled him away from her. The boys then left the playground, and the girl ran to her mother, and told her what had happened.

Infuriated, the mother contacted the black juveniles and told them to leave the park. The boys left the park. But the mad mother was not satisfied with this settlement, so she began to follow the boys. She followed them down Sand Point Way NE, and later observed them entering a low-income housing building on NE 62nd St. Having noted the address of the apartment building, she called 911. After hearing her hysterical story, Officer White and Officer Gonzales went over to the apartment building and tried to make contact with these little sex offenders. Luckily, they failed to find them. The two cops then returned to the mother and daughter -- "who could only give vague descriptions of the four juveniles" -- and handed them a case card for future reference.

What's amazing about this is that the cops did not arrest the stupid mother, and send the girl to child protective services. The mother is obviously deranged, and if society wants to save the girl from her mother's elephant-sized stupidity, we must find her another home, another mother or aunt who is not racist and has a better grasp of reality. As for the cops, they too are stupid and racist, as they took this whole affair very seriously, never once questioning or reprehending the mother for her idiocy. They also had the gall to call these innocuous boys "suspects" in a "sex-offense incident."

The Granddad from Idaho/Downtown/ Thursday April 20/12:15 pm: Officer Wollberg was posing as a prostitute when she was contacted by a 70-year-old man from Meridian, Idaho, who made "an offer." She agreed. Shortly afterward, she informed the old man that he was under arrest. Upon hearing this, the old man from Idaho became "excited," stating that he recently had a heart attack and was now feeling faint. Later, down at the station, the cops noticed that the man was breathing and sweating heavily, and his face was bright red. The man said his flight back to Idaho left in three hours, and his heart would certainly fail if he missed the flight. Impressed by his terrible condition, Sgt. Wilson decided to release the old man rather than risk a medical emergency. The old man made it to his plane on time.