Define Irony

In a July 11 letter to peace activists, Mayor Paul Schell defended the idea of including the U.S. Navy's Trident nuclear submarine in this summer's Seafair festival. "Seafair is an inclusionary festival.

However, Seafair isn't the open-minded lovefest the mayor makes it out to be. For instance, last month, judges for Seafair's July 29 downtown Torchlight Parade rejected the Georgetown Garden Club's flower float. They told Garden Club members that the float, which features a combat tank made of flowers and has the theme, "organic living in an industrial setting," is too controversial. ALLIE HOLLY-GOTTLIEB

The Stranger Knows

Handsome City Council Member Peter Steinbrueck--on every pundit's short list of obvious 2001 mayoral candidates--is not, we repeat, NOT planning to run for the city's top job. NANCY DREW

Quote of the Week

"So is this the bandwagon we're jumping on?"

These are the words of ornery Seattle City Council Member Margaret Pageler, who was questioning a city council staffer about police racial profiling. The staffer, LaShawn Warren, was briefing council members on tips from the U.S. Justice Department for detecting racial biases during traffic stops.

Pageler apparently thinks all the handwringing over the issue of "Driving While Black" is a bunch of politically correct baloney. However, the terribly p.c. Seattle Police Department doesn't share Pageler's fine-tuned wisdom. A spokesperson for the SPD acknowledged during the council meeting that the number of blacks Seattle officers pull over is "clearly disproportionate" to people of other races. PHIL CAMPBELL

No Haggling

The last time The Stranger checked in with Eileen Court tenants, the city was clamping down on yet another stupid and illegal attempt by the building's landlord, No Boundaries Ltd., to run tenants out [In Other News, "Caught in a Fix," May 4]. Now it's Seattle Housing Authority's (SHA) turn to play elementary school principal. In June, a lawyer for No Boundaries asked SHA to evict Eileen Court Section 8 tenant Lee Lumsden because he wasn't paying enough rent. On July 10, SHA wrote a four-page response, telling No Boundaries' lawyer "no way." SHA will not evict their Section 8 client, nor will they haggle with landlords over federally subsidized rent rates. ALLIE HOLLY-GOTTLIEB