Miller Time/Downtown/Mon Aug 14/11:30 am: When Officer Miller spotted a "hisp male" (Hispanic male) drinking a Corona beer on First Ave and Bell Street, he obtained the man's name and performed "a regular name check." The cop computer, which is now linked to the INS' database, showed that the man was Mexican and had been deported from the richest nation in the world (USA) no less than three times! Officer Miller turned the suspect over to Agent Sebens, who then transported him to the INS jail on Airport Way.

At the very moment Police Beat was composing this report, the Mexican man, like others in his situation, was being held on the top floor of the INS building, which commands, through bars and fencing, an excellent view of the International District, the construction site for the new Uwajimaya Village, and the multimillion-dollar pro football stadium that's steadily rising from the rubble of the Kingdome.

The Mexican in the Holiday Inn/Downtown/ Fri Aug 25/9:30 am: A Spanish-speaking customer service representative for a downtown bank informed Officer Marlow that for several weeks, she helped a Mexican woman from Salem, Oregon with her property finances. Things went well, and after the transactions were completed, they ended their business (which was conducted in Spanish) on friendly terms. In late July, however, the Mexican woman called the customer service representative and attempted to engage her in a more personal conversation. The Mexican woman said, among other things, that she wanted the customer service representative to come back with her to marvelous Mexico. The customer service representative declined the offer and hung up the phone. The Mexican woman then began calling her ex-representative three or four times a day, asking personal questions and playing Mexican music over the phone. On August 24, 2000, the Mexican woman returned to Seattle, went straight to her ex-representative's office, and requested to meet her. Freaked, the customer service representative had security remove the determined Mexican woman from the office. Later that day, the Mexican woman, now losing patience with her ex-representative, called to tell her that she was staying at the Holiday Inn on Aurora, and would not leave town until they met! As far as Police Beat knows, the Mexican woman is still waiting for her ex-representative at the hotel.

You Do That Voodoo/West Seattle/Sun Aug 27/All Morning: This report is so long and involved that Police Beat will only feature its highlights. First highlight: "I'm going to do everything I can to make sure you go back to Africa and never come back," said the African American to her ex-lover. Second: "She made me swear on the Koran, in front of my wife, about our unborn child," said the double-crossing African lover to the reporting officer. Third: "She complains about me having a white woman for a wife who is too old to have a baby," said the double-crossing African lover to another officer. Fourth: "He said he was going to Gambia and would put a voodoo curse on me, killing me and the baby.... He even keeps a voodoo thing in his pocket. You can check!" said the African American to the reporting officer. Conclusion: "She is aware that she must go through the state to garnish his salary, because she has already done that with her other daughter," wrote the reporting officer.