Microsoft scored a $1.5 billion contract this week to modernize weapons systems at Cheyenne Mountain, a U.S. Air Force base in Colorado Springs. PAT KEARNEY

The laundry list of troubles plaguing Capitol Hill's nightclub is getting ridiculous. First of all, last week the fire department shut down the club because it had racked up about 18 fire code violations. remains closed for business. Second, owner Robert Davis is being threatened with eviction and sued for nearly $35,000 by the previous owner for defaulting on payments. And finally, according to a source familiar with the club, Davis filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy last week. Davis could not be reached for comment. ALLIE HOLLY-GOTTLIEB

Secret Memo Part II

Last week, The Stranger reported that the influential Downtown Seattle Association (DSA) wrote a memo trashing light rail ["Secret Report Blasts Light Rail," Josh Feit, Oct 5]. We referred to the report as "The Memo Schell Doesn't Want You to See." Well, last week we also discovered this thing called the Internet, and so we've decided to make the DSA memo available electronically--or "online." You'll find the secret September 13 memo at JOSH FEIT

Hero of the Week

Bashful King County Ethics and Elections employee Lynda Sanchez says, "I was just doing my job." Evidently, her job involves cleaning up after her boss, King County Superintendent of Elections Julie Anne Kempf.

According to a September 28 letter from Seattle City Clerk Judith Pippin to Kempf, Sanchez saved the day by nixing proposed language changes to this November's parks levy ballot title. In her letter, Pippin admonishes Kempf for doubting the city's official language and applauds Kempf's underling, Sanchez, for setting things straight. "Your staff member, Lynda Sanchez, is to be commended for questioning this change.... The correct ballot title is the title that was sent you by me on August 23, a second copy of which is attached." In a stern final warning to Kempf, Pippin adds, "In light of the foregoing, it is essential that I have the opportunity to proofread this year's ballot. Can you please let me know when you have a 'proof' and I will come over and review." NANCY DREW