Updated List of People Who Have Crossed Picket Lines at the Times and P-I.

Confirmed Replacement Workers or Strikebreakers: Jonathon Anderson, Jim Bates, Chris Cluff, Eric Derr, Molly Dilworth, Julianne Eng, Jeff King, Jimi Lott, Sheila Lundin, Sally Macdonald, Jeff Neumann, Jeff Paslay, Elaine Phillips, Jim Reding, Sandy Ringer, Kurt Slava, Leighton Wingate, Bud Withers.

Reached at the Times or P-I, but hung up or wouldn't comment (status not confirmed): Patrice Baugh, Brian Cantwell, Connie Heinrich, Phyllis Kristjanson, Carole Pucci, Lisa Schnall, Janine Dallas Stefan.