On March 1, Seattle City Attorney Mark Sidran formally opened a Sidran for Mayor Committee with Seattle's Ethics & Elections Commission. JOSH FEIT

There Goes That Theory

Mayor Schell's knee-jerk response, blaming civil unrest on "outsiders" ["The Out-of-Towners," Josh Feit, March 1], went kaput at the Fat Tuesday riots. A simple review of the Seattle Police Department Incident Reports filed that gruesome Wednesday morning found a whole lot of Seattleites causing trouble, including one man who lives on South Cloverdale Street, who hurled a metal garbage can at a line of police officers; a man who lives on Sixth Avenue Northwest, who drove around in a Lexus using a bullhorn "to incite the crowd to riot"; and a man from Elliott Avenue, who was carrying a "fully armed 515 CS grenade"! NANCY DREW

First Lady

With the Mardi Gras riots effectively making Mayor Paul Schell unelectable, City Council Member Judy Nicastro (who had the wherewithal to show up at the riots) is now seriously considering jumping into the race. Nicastro would be the first woman to do so. She reportedly met with the King County Labor Council last week to discuss her potential bid. JOSH FEIT

Strip Mind

Trust a strip club to exploit the shared experience of last week's earthquake. Less than an hour after the great Northwest trembled, downtown Seattle's Lusty Lady changed the puns on its outside marquee. The two new phrases: "We shake better" and "We make the earth move." PHIL CAMPBELL


It's always a strange when workers at social-justice organizations go on strike.

The five full-time employees of the low-income advocacy group ACORN found themselves in that position just two weeks ago. The employees/activists started picketing against their grassroots organization on February 26, complaining, among other things, about long hours and late paychecks. They've also filed unfair labor practices charges against ACORN with the National Labor Relations Board. PHIL CAMPBELL

Contradiction of the Week

"I don't think I let the city down. My staff would have called me if there was a role for me to play." --Paul Schell

"He [Schell] was mad at me for not waking him." --Schell spokesperson Dick Lilly. JOSH FEIT