City Council Member Jan Drago may see herself as mayoral material, but voters clearly don't. According to a donor familiar with the results of Drago's own recent poll, the mayor-wannabe better keep her day job on the Seattle City Council. Out of the 400 Seattleites polled by a Washington, D.C.-based firm, only eight percent said they'd cast votes for Drago in a four-way race between Drago and the declared candidates: incumbent Mayor Paul Schell, King County Council Member Greg Nickels, and City Attorney Mark Sidran. That's 32 people for Drago. Those numbers should put an end to Drago's mayoral daydreams, not fuel them as they've inexplicably done.

More important, the poll results should add serious octane to someone else's daydreams. Greg Nickels wants to be mayor so bad it's often uncomfortable to be in the same room with him. Well, Drago's numbers are only going to make Greg more unbearable: Out of the 400 people polled, 27 percent said they'd vote for Greg Nickels, 23 for Paul Schell, and 12 percent for Mark "Republican for Mayor" Sidran. In a head-to-head contest between Nickels and Schell, Nickels came out on top--47 to 27!

While we're aware that voters are unhappy with Schell, we had no idea Greg "Stadium Builder" Nickels was so well liked--or well known, for that matter.

So, just what did the survey ask? Luckily, we found someone who was polled. This north Capitol Hill resident, who guesses he got a call because he votes in primaries, special elections, and odd-year elections, says the poll explicitly named all the candidates ("Do you think Mayor Schell is doing a good job?") and then asked thinly veiled questions gauging the public's support for each contender. "Would you support a strong light-rail advocate?" the pollster asked, referring to Nickels. "Would you support a mayor who campaigned for the parks levy?" the pollster asked, referring to Schell.

Finally, a personal note to Jan Drago: Your numbers are even worse than you think, Jan. Our anonymous poll participant admits to telling the pollster he would vote for you so you'd get a false sense of your popularity and give up your council seat, run a losing campaign for mayor, and be out of public life. FYI.