The Fashion Academy Declares War on the SPD/Queen Anne/Sat Aug 4/9:57 am: At the start of his shift, Officer Quinonez was advised of a threatening phone message that the department received over the weekend: "[This is] the fifth time in two years the academy has been vandalized," said the man on the machine, who was calling from the New York Fashion Academy in Queen Anne. "If the Seattle Police Department doesn't handle the problem, [then I'm going to take my] 12-gauge Browning shotgun, and the police will have to pick up the bodies." The man then claimed to be a Vietnam veteran, who had served his country for 18 months and had killed more people in his first month of duty than the SPD has ever killed in its entire history. At the end of his fiery message, he also vowed to "kill every fisherman in fucking Ballard."

The next day, Officer Maes, who was assigned this case, went to the fashion academy and asked to speak to the vet. "He is not in," said an unidentified woman. Officer Maes then mentioned the disturbing call his department received from the vet. The unidentified woman told the officer not to worry about it; the vet has a "hot temper" and didn't mean it. Satisfied that the vet wasn't going to pull a Rambo on the cops and fishermen of Seattle, Officer Maes handed her his card and left.

Policing Immigrants/Beacon Hill/Sun Aug 5/3 pm: Officer Snyder writes, "The victim and his uncle are both immigrants from Fiji. The uncle is a high-caste priest and thus commands great respect within the Fijian community. People in the uncle's position are known to be very honest, and so what he says carries tremendous weight. Two weeks ago, the victim and the uncle both attended a family-only meeting where the victim exposed the uncle as a liar. Although the victim did not talk about the meeting [elsewhere], word got out in the Fijian community. Since then the victim has received two threatening telephone calls from other people who have sided with the uncle. He was told to avoid Fijian social activities or somebody might get him. The victim is very concerned for his safety."

All-American Body Armor/International District/Mon Aug 6/8 am: This morning, Officer Kim James discovered that an SPD-owned American Body Armor ballistic vest was missing from her office at the Advanced Training Unit. The missing vest had been on the floor with another vest when the interior and exterior office doors were secured at approximately 5:30 p.m. on August 3, claims Officer Kim James. And the doors of the office were still locked when she returned to the building on Monday morning. These facts have led Officer Kim James to believe that the vest was stolen and that it was an inside job. The janitor was questioned.

A Brother's Rice Krispy Treats/University District/Tues Aug 7/9 pm: Officer Streubel was assigned to an incident involving a drug overdose. Upon arrival, Officer Streubel made contact with the man who called 911. While opening the gate to the house for the entering officer, Suspect 3 stated that he had ingested Rice Krispy treats that were secretly loaded with marijuana. His brother, Suspect 1, had made the treats and had not informed him of their extraordinary ingredient. Officer Streubel then contacted Suspect 1, who immediately admitted that he had made the Rice Krispy treats with marijuana and had not told his brother until after he had eaten them. Suspect 2, who was also visiting his brother (Suspect 1) at the time, ate some special Rice Krispy treats too, but not in ignorance. Feeling guilty about what he had done to his poor brother, Suspect 1 put the remaining Rice Krispy treats into a black garbage bag and handed them over to Officer Streubel. Suspect 3 was checked by Seattle medics, but they found no signs of an overdose.