Nothing Is Permitted

The dispute over Westlake Park's N30 permit rages on. On November 29, a federal judge issued an injunction forcing the City of Seattle to allow 200 protesters in Westlake Park on November 30. The protesters' attempt to get a permit was denied in July by Seattle Parks and Recreation ["The Clue of the Dancing Puppet," In Other News, Nov 29].

But the injunction was only a temporary solution: The N30 organizers are on their way to federal court to challenge the city's action. Attorney William Broberg, representing protest organizers, says the City of Seattle violated the protesters' right to free speech by impeding their attempts to get a lawful permit. The suit also takes aim at Seattle's new Special Events Ordinance. JENNIFER ELAM

Microsoft 1, AOL 0

Microsoft scored a huge blow against arch rival AOL Time Warner last week when cable company Comcast Corp. won the bid to buy the country's largest cable provider, AT&T Broadband. That's good news for Microsoft because the Redmond company invested over $1 billion in Comcast. With the win, Microsoft scores access to AT&T's cable lines to promote Microsoft products like the MSN Internet service.

Even better, Microsoft prevented AOL from gaining AT&T and Time Warner's combined 25.7 million subscriber base. Microsoft feared the AOL deal would have created an enormous consumer base unlikely to use ANY Microsoft Internet products.

In fact, Microsoft feared the AOL deal so much that it not only invested in Comcast, but in another company vying for the AT&T deal as well, Cox Communications. In the end, Microsoft's cash strategy won out. PAT KEARNEY

Rodrick & Lodrick (Part 3)

The Rainier Beach Vikings (starring 6'4" twins Lodrick and Rodrick Stewart) are undefeated as they get ready to compete in a Christmas-week tournament on the East Coast for top-ranked high school basketball teams. The Vikings have won each game by an average of 34 points, including a 68-point blowout at Nathan Hale on December 14. Left-handed Lodrick (the number two high-school junior in the country) led all scorers that game with 25 points. His brother, right-handed Rodrick (the number three high-school junior in the country), added 24 points that night, matching his season average. Lodrick is averaging 18 a game. The twins' sharp-shooting teammate, senior Nate Robinson, is averaging about 16.3 points per game. JOSH FEIT