News Jan 3, 2002 at 4:00 am

In August of 2000, I quit drinking and went into rehab. Sixteen months and one relapse later, I'm a little older, a little wiser, and still hanging out in bars.


My name is Eric and I live in North Carolina. Last night was the night that I embarassed myself- it will likely cost me one or both of my jobs- and it was the night I'll look back on and say "that was the third time I almost drunk myself to death." I'm surprised I made it. I'm probably not out of the woods yet. I can't breathe. Your article is one of the most articulate pieces I've ever read. It's excellent. For some alcoholic in North Carolina (please forego the redneck jokes; I think Nascar is lame) it was the requisite validation to know my decision to stop drinking must, at all costs, be followed through. So much in there resonated with me. You'll probably never know or meet me, but I'll remember that column for the rest of my life, every time I'm tempted to drink. Many thanks.
While your struggles are tragic, I stopped reading the stranger because of you, Ms. Wilson. The day after you wrote one of the worst 'tributes' to someone I cared about deeply. Seems your compassion for other's struggles doesn't run as deep as your own maudlin self pity.…
Your story sounds so familiar. Everything I have been denying and feeling is so clear here.I lived through my first death experience at 16, have fallen numerous times, 3 black eyes, countless drunken frolics, waking up in my own urine and to top it off an 8 year old daughter who knows what alcohol does to mommy. Afraid to go to sleep because mom has to go do her "chores" I saw my Dr. On Friday and I am taking my first step today. Wish me luck! I loved reading your article! AR
Your story was great! I am 36 and stopped drinking on Dec 5 2008. It was hard to say the least. I went to AA for 90 days and then lived through my fathers death from cirrosis. Like you, I know I can't drink. I dont have an option. And yes, things are a heck of alot harder, different , stranger being sober, but I will take that over acting like a complete you know what any day!

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