Broadway Poster Ban?

Last week on Broadway, two community-activist types were handing out leaflets slamming the Broadway Business Improvement Association (BIA) for tearing down all the posters from one of the few public places left to hang them in the neighborhood. The bulletin board in question, at Broadway and Harrison, is usually covered with posters. It's now bare, and the folks handing out leaflets claim the BIA did it. But Barry Rogel, president of the BIA, says they haven't been tearing down posters, and he has no idea why the board is empty.

A phone call to CleanScapes, the maintenance company responsible for keeping Broadway clean, cleared up the mystery. CleanScapes pressure-washed the board last week--a move that inadvertently stripped it of paper. "Posters that are up there, we usually don't mess with them," says William Bentley, CleanScapes' vice president of operations. AMY JENNIGES

McKenna Gets the Boot

Late last Friday, King County Council Member Rob McKenna, a longtime Sound Transit critic, lost his seat on the agency's board. McKenna's four-year term expired at the end of the year, but he had hoped to be reappointed. To help his case, McKenna snagged letters of recommendation from a number of King County mayors, as well as businesses and civic groups. But apparently King County Executive Ron Sims, who becomes Sound Transit chairman at the end of the year, wanted McKenna off the board. McKenna isn't happy. "I do my homework, ask the tough questions, and don't allow the Sound Transit staff to drive my thinking," says McKenna. Sims, who was unavailable for comment, no doubt kicked McKenna off the board for those same very reasons. PAT KEARNEY

Breakroom Sold

It's been a few years since Capitol Hill boasted a viable rock club, but that may be about to change. The owners of Capitol Hill's wildly popular watering holes Linda's and the Cha Cha just purchased the struggling Breakroom on 14th and Madison. Once a thriving live music venue, the club has fallen on hard times since its former bookers moved on to other venues. If anyone can turn the Breakroom around, it's the club's new owners. KATHLEEN WILSON

Move the Pride Parade

Should the gay pride parade move off Capitol Hill? I think so--and I wrote so in these pages several years ago. Now the Freedom Day Committee, those lovable incompetents who run the pride parade into the ground every year, are contemplating the move--for the 2003 parade. The proposed new parade route would start downtown and wind up at the Seattle Center. (Meet me at the Fag Pavilion!) The Freedom Day Committee will be holding a forum to discuss the idea on Sunday, January 13, 6:00 p.m. at Laurent Clerc Hall, 1609 19th Avenue. DAN SAVAGE