#22 The Clue in the Crumbling Wall

Paul Allen is willing to dish out $100,000 to move all the tenants out of his John and Pontius Avenue apartment building, the Lillian. Allen wants the 26 units vacated for "future development plans" and "possible demolition." Tenants will receive $5,000 per unit if they agree to move out by the end of April.

If the tenants stay past April, they'll forfeit the $5,000, but will be eligible for relocation funds from Allen, because he is breaking the lease. The most tenants could receive for relocation is about $2,400. NANCY DREW

#127 The Case of the Dangerous Solution

Last week, the Seattle Police Officers Guild refused to give lefty city council member Nick Licata a subscription to the guild newspaper, The Guardian.

The Guild is wary of sending The Guardian Licata's way because Licata has used the rag against Guild president Ken Saucier.

Indeed, Licata recently told The Stranger that Saucier's Guardian essay on the Racial Profiling Task Force was "sarcastic" ["Hot Sauce," Amy Jenniges, Feb 21]. On March 10 Licata reiterated his thoughts to The Seattle Times.

Licata's comments prompted Saucier to demand an immediate meeting with Licata. NANCY DREW

#36 The Secret of the Golden Pavilion

The war between World Gym and 24 Hour Fitness is officially over. Last week, World Gym posted notices that it is vacating its Convention Center location, ending a long-standing feud with its Yale Avenue rival. The feud occasionally turned violent. (There were accusations, rumors of altercations, and at least one broken window.)

But the peace could be short-lived. Gold's Gym, another national fitness franchise, is moving into the Convention Center. NANCY DREW

Final Note

On Friday, March 1, SP Unlimited singer Jason McCullogh, 28, was found dead in his apartment, the victim of suicide. His roommate told police he'd found the singer in bed with a plastic bag over his head, and that McCulloch had attempted to end his life by the same means on two other occasions. McCullogh's friend Dean Zelikovsky said the singer "inspired a lot of people, which makes it all the more confusing to accept the permanence of his being gone." Services will be held on Saturday, March 16, 11 a.m., at Queen Anne Lutheran Church (2400 Eighth Avenue W.). KATHLEEN WILSON