A few weeks ago, I reported a potential undercover fast-food brainwashing operation in the Redmond school system. Across the water at Einstein Elementary, a music teacher named Mrs. Seong teaches kids melody through fast-food commercials. ["Spy Game," March 14.] A guy named Daniel Christopherson, a private guitar instructor, tipped me off after one of his students demonstrated a Taco Bell song and dance that he learned at Einstein. It went something like, "Oh Taco Bell Taco Bell you're so swell I love me some tacos--it makes me want to yell!" Sounds crazy, but both Einstein's principal and Mrs. Seong confirmed it. Though her methods are bizarre, they work: Mrs. Seong's students remember her teachings for the rest of their lives.

Meet Mandy Kuhlman. A seemingly balanced and healthy 21-year-old on the outside, Mandy is traumatized on the inside, unable to tell the real world from that of a commercial. "Wanna know about Mrs. Seong?" Mandy says over the phone to me last week. "Meet me at the Madison Street McDonald's in an hour."

Madison Street McDonald's, a quiet sticky booth in the corner, March 28, 2002: "Oh yeah, I know her," says Mandy, opening up after a few cups of bad coffee. "She was my music teacher at Brigadoon Elementary in Federal Way from kindergarten to fifth grade." (I called Brigadoon and indeed, Mrs. Seong taught music there before transferring to Einstein.) According to Mandy, Mrs. Seong started every day of music class the same way. "She would stand up and say, 'Okay, class, repeat after me: A Pizza Hut, a Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut--McDonald's, McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut!'"

"That's amazing," I say.

"Oh yeah, totally. We had a dance that went along with it too," says Mandy. "My mom hated it. It goes like this--check it out." Mandy springs up from the booth and proceeds to sing the Pizza Hut song at the top of her lungs while performing an accompanying dance. (See photo.)

"God I can't believe... I remember that... after all these years," says an out-of-breath Mandy, sliding back into the sticky McDonald's booth. According to Mandy, Mrs. Seong was a weird but well-intentioned teacher just trying to get bored kids into music. "We sang some song about recycling too," she adds. "You know what's interesting though," says Mandy, leaning in close, speaking at a whisper. "I had her all those years, and then one day in fifth grade, she just vanished. No warning, no nothing. All of a sudden, we had a new music teacher."

Probably called back to Pizza Hut for another assignment.

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