Petitioning Paul Allen

On Friday, June 7, low-income-housing activists John Fox and Colleen Dooley presented Paul Allen's Vulcan Inc. with a petition to save the Lillian, a Cascadia neighborhood low-income apartment building located off Stewart Street, just north of the Greyhound bus garage. The 150 petitioners against demolition included State Representatives Frank Chopp (D-Seattle), Ed Murray (D-Seattle), and Seattle City Council Members Nick Licata and Peter Steinbrueck.

Last April, Vulcan, which owns the building, paid Lillian residents $5,000 per unit to vacate [In Other News, March 14].

Vulcan Inc. says they're looking at all redevelopment options. ISOLDE RAFTERY

Attack of the Clones

City council party pooper Margaret Pageler couldn't attend Tuesday, June 11 Neighborhood, Arts, and Civil Rights Committee meeting--her opportunity to screw up the All Ages Dance Ordinance (AADO)--so she sent ally and surrogate Jim Compton to do her bidding. Compton asked committee chair Nick Licata to postpone the vote.

Licata gave in, setting up another meeting where Pageler will get her chance to present amendments, which would turn the AADO into a clone of the Teen Dance Ordinance. AMY JENNIGES

Creek Restoration

Yes For Seattle, the pushy environmental group that forced the city to adopt water conservation measures after running last year's I-63 campaign, is unveiling a new measure. The initiative would dictate that developers doing projects on a half-acre or more must daylight creeks flowing under or adjacent to the property. The initiative is clearly aimed at Simon Property Group, Inc.'s Northgate development plans over Thornton Creek. JOSH FEIT

Monorail Campaigns Join Forces

The two pro-monorail campaigns, Monorail Now! and Rise Above It All, are merging into one. "Two campaigns just confuse people," said a source close to the merger. "The goal is to have a unified front." Both sides met last week to hash out strategy, funds, and, most of all, the pecking order among leaders of the two groups. PAT KEARNEY

Quote of the Week

"Fuck Yeaaaah!! Token Asian! Fuck Yeaaaah!!"--Korean American Alex Rhee, risking life and limb, celebrating after the Korean soccer team scored the tying goal against the U.S. during a late-night June 9 World Cup broadcast outside the George & Dragon Pub in Fremont. Rhee's contrarian view stunned the overflowing crowd of 150 soccer fans, who were congregated in the parking lot--and were all white. A bouncer came over to see if Rhee was drunk. JOSH FEIT