Natalie Reber, a candidate for the open 11th District state representative seat, is a young Democrat with lots of pro-choice and women's-issues work under her belt, including lobbying for those causes in Olympia. She seemed a shoo-in for the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL) endorsement: She's even a former board member. "They see me as a champion," Reber says.

But behind-the-scenes gossip indicates the NARAL endorsement wasn't a sure thing. According to sources, the NARAL endorsement board was split over Reber. Then the usual process was sidestepped in order to grant Reber the endorsement. One board member reportedly resigned over the process, Reber acknowledges. "There were some board members who were very upset," she says. NARAL endorsement board leader Karen Freeman is declining to comment, citing confidential board meetings. Former board member Emily Willoughby, reportedly the one who resigned, is also keeping quiet.