The End of an Affair/South Seattle/Fri Aug 2/4:08 pm: The content of this report, which was written by Officer Warner, has not been corrupted. I only molested his style. Officer Warner writes: "The victim handed me two e-mail messages sent from the suspect. The victim and suspect were involved in a dating relationship approximately two years ago. For the victim, this was an extramarital relationship; for the suspect, it was not. According to the victim, the affair ended shortly after it started, with the departure of the suspect from the Seattle area. Out of the blue, on Thursday, July 25, the suspect sent the victim an e-mail message that contained her new phone number in Billings, Montana. Tempted, the victim called the suspect on Saturday, July 27. During their conversation, the suspect made a joking reference to her wanting him to buy her a car. He gave her a serious 'no.'

"On Monday, July 29, she sent him another e-mail that boldly demanded $2,000 from him so that she could buy a car, pay her rent, and buy a bicycle for her son. If she didn't receive the $2,000 in money-order form at her address in Billings, Montana, by August 4, 2002, she would notify his wife of the affair. The suspect reminded the victim that she had his work number, home number, home addresses, and proof of their relationship. The victim wants the suspect to stop contacting him and will cooperate with prosecution."

More Extortion/University District/Sat Aug 3/10:27 pm: This was said by an abusive boyfriend to his abused girlfriend: "If you don't give me the money, I'm going to break something worth more than $20." She didn't give him the money and so he broke something that was probably worth a little more than $20--a "boom box."

My Husband's Things/Sand Point/Tues Aug 6/4:08 pm: A Sand Point woman called the SPD and requested that an officer retrieve her recently departed husband's service revolver and handcuffs. She stated that her husband had worked for the FBI for 30 years, and what remained of his long service to that organization was a black leather holster, a "Smith & Wesson .38 snub-nosed five-shot revolver," 24 rounds of ".38 ammo," and "EIG" handcuffs with "two keys in a leather black case." She wanted the police to remove these primary implements of law enforcement from her home. It seems that the SPD also did not want her husband's equipment, because immediately after the woman turned them over to Officer Harwood, the SPD contacted members of the local FBI bureau and asked them to retrieve their former employee's stuff. It's uncertain if the FBI will ever reclaim the dormant revolver and handcuffs.

Dolly's Fake Stepfather/West Seattle/Mon Aug 19/3:30 pm: Officer Rees writes: "The victim is dating the suspect's stepfather and she [the suspect] doesn't like it. When the suspect found out the victim was going camping with the stepfather, she began calling. The suspect called three times, threatening to assault the victim. The suspect said she would take [the victim] down, put her foot up her ass. It should be noted that the male is not a true stepfather, he was only living with the suspect's mother before she died."