City of Miracles

The True Beauty of the Moon/Capitol Hill/Tues Feb 11/5:26 pm: Late this afternoon, Officer Elias was working in a marked patrol vehicle (2C4) when he observed a suspicious circumstance on the 1700 block of E Madison St. At that very spot, there was a man who had a 35mm camera pointed at two large communication towers. Officer Elias writes: "He immediately became hostile, and at first would not provide me with his name or explain what he was doing. Due to his aggressive behavior I requested another unit. I asked if he had Washington State ID, and he said he did, but didn't have it on him. As I was checking his name he told me that he was taking photos of the moon. I told him I thought it was odd he would want the picture of the moon obstructed by the towers. He told me I didn't see the true beauty of the moon."

Though failing to appreciate the suspect's lunacy, Officer Elias did succeed in locating his name on the cop computer. Officer Elias asked for more proof of the moon photographer's identity. The moon photographer offered to ride home, get his identification, and show it to Officer Elias. Officer Elias met him outside his home, where the officer was presented with the suspect's identification.

Heartless Humans/Downtown Seattle Fire Dept. Station #2/Wed Feb 12/6:52 am: Officer Warner writes: "Brodie and Smith are both Fire Fighters for the city of Seattle assigned to Station #2. Both were working last night and had parked their privately owned vehicles inside the secured parking area in the rear of the fire station. Sometime during the night, while Brodie and Smith responded to 911 emergency calls--saving human lives, and rendering other critical services to the public--certain unknown heartless person(s) scaled the 12-foot chain-link fence, forced entry into their vehicles, and stole the Fire Fighters' personal property[!] There were no witnesses and the [fucking heartless] suspect or suspects remain at large."

The Return of the Dead/University District/Wed Feb 12/5:30 pm: This afternoon, a conscious man found an unconscious man on the bathroom floor of a friend's apartment. The conscious man called 911 and the Seattle Fire Department responded, and found that the unconscious man did not have a pulse, nor was he breathing. The unconscious man had entered "that undiscover'd country from whose bourne no traveller returns" (William Shakespeare, Hamlet). Or better yet, he had entered "that region where dwell the vast hosts of the dead.... His own identity was fading out into a grey impalpable world: the solid world which these dead had at one time reared and lived in was dissolving and dwindling" (James Joyce, "The Dead").

SFD performed CPR for about a minute and (miracle of all miracles) the unconscious man returned from that undiscovered country--they established a pulse. The conscious man told the SFD that the unconscious man had been released from jail yesterday and was shooting heroin this afternoon.