Home Alone

The Merry Mariners, or the Dizzy Daughter/Northgate/Tues April 8/2:41 pm: While driving eastbound on N 97th St, Officer Kim was flagged down by a citizen who explained to him that there was a young woman passed out in the middle of N 95th St. Officer Kim drove down to that location and found a white female sitting on the sidewalk crying. Officer Kim identified the female and asked what was wrong. She said that she felt dizzy and depressed. She was shoeless and the top part of her pants was slightly undone. Officer Kim called "fire" (the Seattle Fire Department) and they responded and treated her at the scene. SFD told Officer Kim that the young female's pupils were constricted enough to be concerned. Officer Kim asked the young woman where she lived, and after some effort and errors she remembered and pointed out her home to him.

Officer Kim walked to her apartment, and knocked on the door; after a moment or so, it was opened by a 13-year-old boy, who turned out to be the young woman's brother. He was home alone. The boy gave Officer Kim his father's cell phone number. The father was called. The father answered and, after being informed of the situation, explained that his daughter was just plain nuts, and had been hospitalized at Harborview Medical Center before for mental issues. Officer Kim asked if he could come to the scene and deal with the matter. The father said he could not, as he was at a Mariners game. He promised to respond later, after the game. The depressed young woman was transported to HMC while her father enjoyed the Mariners' resounding victory over Anaheim (5-0).

Our Mystery Lake/Seward Park/Fri April 18/4:30 pm: This afternoon, Officer Rice responded to an incident near Lake Washington Blvd S that concerned "a vehicle that had run into the lake." Upon arrival, Rice and several other responding officers were unable to locate the supposedly submerged vehicle. Divers from the Harbor Patrol Unit were called and, shortly after arriving, found "a completely submerged van." No one was in or around it. However, they were able to get the license plate number, which revealed the owner's name and address.

Officer Rice drove to the home in question and contacted a 16-year-old girl, who verified that her family owned the van but said neither of her parents were home. She was alone and did not know where the van was or who was with it. The girl did say that her father was at a soccer game on Cloverdale St, but Officer Rice failed to locate him.

Officer Rice returned to the lake. At this point, the divers had attached a cable to the van and Columbia Towing was pulling it to shore. Once on land, Officer Rice was able to see that a key was in the van's ignition. "The driver's side door window was shattered along with the instrument panel," writes Office Rice. "This [was] consistent with damage of other vehicles that have been recovered." Others have been recovered from the lake? How many and for how long? Rice's report only deepened the mystery of the submerged car(s).